William Morris, early early Modernist

William Morris, in my opinion was WAY early to the Modernist party. Though through the lens of modernism, his designs might seem a little busy he was really toning it down, in comparison to the Victorian eclecticism and ornamentation that was running wild at the time. Things to take note of in this chair design are the exposed joints… sure they could have hidden them but Morris was after “honesty” and was making an effort to celebrate the craft of woodworking. Where another designer of the time might have ornamented the chair with a lions head, or ball and claw feet…. Morris chose good old fashioned joinery. It’s one of my favourite chairs of all time. And that painting, by Dante Gabriel Rossetti, is pretty incredible!

Also, William Morris was incredibly quotable!

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"Arming Of The Knight" by William Morris and Dante Gabriel Rossetti, circa 1860